Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in joining the Ornithology lab!  I am always excited to take on new students when time allows and welcome you to contact me with ideas.

Our research covers a lot ground in ornithology and includes both big small scale questions about conservation of endangered species, population ecology, behavioral ecology, and population genetics. Our research is largely field based, using both hands-on mist-netting and hands-off observations. Please take a look around this website, using the links in the navigation menu above.  Be sure to read about my previous students’ research projects and some of the ongoing research in my lab to get a better idea of the work that we do.

How well we work together as a lab group is based on shared interests, but also on an understanding about my expectations and the atmosphere as a group lab. Mutual respect and openness is critical to successful research relationships.  We will work together closely (and hopefully for an extended period of time!) and we will learn a lot from one another. To the extent possible, I make a concerted effort to hold regular lab and/or individual meetings to discuss our research, relevant literature, and practice presentations. Students in my lab are driven and independent thinkers and that they make a proactive, focused effort in the pursuit of new knowledge and methodologies.

You can read more about my expectations and how my lab works here.

Prospective Undergraduate Students

Please email me a current résumé and fill out this research interest form. I require all undergraduates to volunteer for a period of 3-4 months (about one semester) so that we can both determine if this collaboration is the best fit and will be mutually beneficial.  This also gives you time to show me your incredible work ethic!

Prospective Graduate Students

Please email me your current C.V. and a 1-2 page proposal of your research interests, outlining how they might fit into the current strengths of the lab.


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