Capstone and Senior Thesis projects

Fall 2017

  • Harley Hunt Impact of climate change on migration timing 
  • Sarah Head Shark dissections in South Africa

Summer 2017

  • Sophia Crowson Detecting predation on artificial nests using motion-triggered cameras

Spring 2017

  • Harley Hunt Point count data analysis

Summer 2016

  • Thryn Hare Avian abundance and diversity on local farmlands

Winter 2015

Fall 2014

  • Stephanie Muise  Impacts of invasive species on Southwestern Willow Flycatcher nesting ecology
  • Jordan Welnetz and Emily Leonard  Birds of Maine

Summer 2014

  • Cassandra Baumgarten  Avian use of post-restoration riparian areas

Winter 2014

  • Scott Hartle Population genetics in conservation biology: A literature review

Summer 2013

  • Sarah Woodie Avian presence on bioenergy crop production land

Fall 2012

  • Katie Drozd Wildlife habitat use of bioenergy crop production land
  • Gabriella Jukkala  Nest defense of Common Loons in Northern WI lakes

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