Reflecting back and looking forward

My first semester at Georgia College has officially ended and if there was any lingering question about whether this move was the right decision, that question is long gone.  I have loved every single moment here and I couldn’t be happier with every part of this job.

Starting a new position at a new college after teaching for 5 1/2 years at another institution will always be challenging.  Now add on the challenges associated with having to move cross-country over the Christmas holiday season, having less than 2 weeks to close out one semester and start a new one, and trying to learn a completely different culture (the South is it’s own culture) and you’ve got some idea of what this semester was like for me.

I was expecting it to be chaotic.  I was expecting to have no time to sleep or eat.  I was expected to annoy every one of my colleagues with nonstop questions.   I was expecting to have students complain about my lack of preparedness, my scattered nature, and my inability to use the online LMS at the beginning of the semester.  While it was chaotic for sure, I did sleep and eat, I don’t think I annoyed my colleagues, and my students complained no more than in past semesters.

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this move was exactly what I wanted and needed, both personally and professionally.


That’s me working.  I clearly have no room to complain.

So now I am looking forward.  First to many more excellent semesters teaching eager students in the classroom and in my research lab.  I’m also very excited to be working on a couple new research projects this summer and I’m already looking to next summer and what I can do then.

I’m not sure that I’ll be updating here much over the summer, but I’ll be back again next semester.  I am teaching comparative vertebrate anatomy, so the lab recaps will be full of dissections instead of birds.  But it’s all science and it’s all learning.

Science and learning – my two favorite things!


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