Migration! (Finally!)


The weathering the tropics isn’t “favorable or migration” right now, according to the Birdcast forecast, which means that migration is slower and later than normal.  Sadly, this was our last day in the field for the semester, so that news wasn’t what I was hoping to hear when I checked this morning.  

But, we still managed to pick up FIVE new species today and a total of 26, which is a tie with out best day, so I’d say we still went out with a bang.

Our full checklist is here.


The 5 new species for the class were the Northern Waterthrush (above), the Magnolia Warbler, yellow-trotted vireo, summer tanager, and the Grey Catbird.  

The Magnolia Warbler had been plaguing one of the students (his nemesis bird, as I like to call the birds that we see or hear constantly but never see) for the last couple weeks, and I finally got a look at today.  It was just enough of a look to narrow it down to just a couple species and then I confirmed it by song.  I love when that kind of thing works out, because the satisfaction makes it so worth it.

I can’t pick a favorite of the new birds, because they are all my favorites, and I geek out about each one we see. But….


…its hard to not get excited about a beautiful red Summer Tanager!  And if its a pari of them, even better.

This is how we have been ending our classes, so its a fitting way to end this blog post.  

IMG 9171

1, 2, 3….BIRDS


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