Weekly links

I’m getting this week’s links out early because I’m sure you have all kinds of free time this weekend to catch up on the best of science and teaching on the world wide web.  (You aren’t doing anything else of import, are you?)


We have a phenology board in the Biology building on campus for this very reason!

Cats are evil, wildlife-killing animals.  Keep them inside, especially at night.



As one of five kids, three of whom look a whole lot like our father, this rings true in my family’s case.  Genetically speaking, mammals are more like their fathers

Sometimes, I’m sitting in my living room, just wishing that chocolate would appear next to me.  This isn’t exactly that, but maybe it’s a step in that direction?  One can hope.  (How To Make Chocolate Appear Out Of Thin Air)

Coffee is my other vice, along with chocolate, so it’s always nice to read the science supports my drinking it.  Drinking Coffee Is Good For Your Heart (I’d also add “and soul” to the end of that headline, but that’s not science.)

Whenever I think we couldn’t possibly discover another species, I read something like this: New monkey species discovered in the Amazon rainforest



Those numbers from those bubble forms is, not surprisingly, nearly useless.  But that doesn’t mean that course evaluations themselves are useless.  I personally give several of my own throughout the semester.  I’m not the only one, but this guy has taken a really great approach to getting information from the comment fields on evaluations.   How I Extract Value from Course Evaluations

More on the flipped classroom: Three Critical Conversations Started and Sustained by Flipped Learning

Of general interest: 

I’m sure you have heard about the closing of Sweet Briar, but if not, you can watch to the president’s video explaining the “insurmountable financial challenges” and their decision to close this summer.  Should all liberal arts colleges be worried?  What are those faculty and students going to do?

Do you have any other links to share?  Any thoughts on the links above?  Share in the comments below.  


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